Golfing Essentials Whilst Living Your Dream

For most of us, there is an aspiration to golf in Scotland, and for those who make it a reality, it is a dream come true. Here is a list of seven golfing essentials you will NEED whilst in Scotland.

The Beanie Hat. Scotland can have four seasons in one day, and the majority of them are winter! Whether it’s April or August we can get sub 10C temperatures especially if you’re golfing in the northern part of the country – so appropriate headwear is essential.


Waterproofs. It has been known in Scotland to rain on occasion and by on occasion we mean almost daily!! A well-made, hard-wearing set of waterproofs is essential - Gore-Tex is highly recommended when you golf in Scotland.

Light-weight Golf Carry Bag.  Well, would you want to carry a heavy golf bag? Probably not. You may have a caddie and although they are the best in the world, they appreciate a lighter bag.They are also easier to store and use yourself on a day to day basis when you are back home.

Sunscreen and insect repellent.  For the few days a year we enjoy summer weather, sunscreen is essential! Even on a blustery day, when it may not feel warm, the sun in Scotland is still very strong and you can burn.

We have a little-known insect called a “MIDGIE” which is very common in the North and West Coast of the country. It’s as small as the point on a needle but its bite is fierce and gets very itchy quickly. Be prepared and make sure you apply insect repellent throughout the day, especially in the evening!

Cash for your caddies. At the majority of courses,caddies will only accept cash as payment which must be paid at the end of the round. Make sure you have the relevant caddie fee and expected tip amount with you in pounds sterling.

Golf shoes. You will be playing mostly Links golf so softer, spike-less golf shoes are encouraged. Links ground can be dry and firm so the softer trainer-like shoe can be beneficial. However, there are several courses that may require the more tradition spiked and waterproof golf shoe, so our advice is to bring both.

Golf balls and accessories. Playing 4-6 rounds of golf in one short trip is more than most golfers are used to. We ask all our golfers to come prepared with a minimum of one dozen balls plus some spares. Other essentials include pitch fork markers, a sharpie pen to identify your balls, a towel and an umbrella, which is the most important accessory so make sure it’s first on the packing list.

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