Golf has been played at Tain since the mid-1800s, way back when the course was just six holes. But what a six holes they were, so good that the course was extended to 15 holes in 1890 thanks to Old Tom Morris. By  1894 it featured the full 18 holes and has never looked back. 

While Tain golf course has experienced some remodelling to keep up with ever-changing golfing technology, Old Tom's influence can still be felt, appreciated by thousands of passionate players every year. Tain is often referred to as Old Tom Morris’ ‘Northern Jewel’, forming an essential part of any golf-obsessed player's Scottish itinerary - playing these holes will have you feeling that Old Tom himself is almost looking over your shoulder.

The Tain golf experience comprises of a beautiful classic links course set in one of the most stunning landscapes: sea on one side and massive blue mountains on the other, looming in the distance. It's unusually sheltered for a Scottish course, out of the country's typically powerful winds, and the weather tends to be pretty good most of the year. 

About Tain golf course – A Brief History 

  • First named The St Duthus Golf Club in 1890, the year it was formed
  • Fifteen holes designed by Old Tom Morris
  • 5 Morris holes remain mostly unchanged
  • Became an 18 hole course in 1894
  • Updated several times over the years in line with changing golf technology
  • One of the best settings for golf in Scotland
  • The original clubhouse was built in 1911 and a new clubhouse was installed in 1998
  • The small town of Tain is famous for Glenmorangie malt whisky
  • Known for being incredibly friendly and welcoming
  • Four of the holes take the winding Tain River into play

Tain scorecard
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Featured Hole – Hole 11 

Hole number 11 at Tain is a seriously tricky number and the signature hole. Officially called Alps, it's also affectionately and amusingly known by members as 'Dolly Parton'. If you're up for the challenge you will have to pull off a really good, arrow-straight drive to set up your blind 2nd shot over the hills, onto the long, slim green. The biggest challenge of all on the 11th? The green is completely invisible, even when you're on the fairway!

Known as a ‘wolf in sheep's clothing’

At first glance Tain looks deceptively calm and simple, but that description couldn’t be more wrong: this course’s bite is a whole lot worse than its bark. Once you've taken your first shot things soon start to look very different – you’ll won’t experience gentle terrain so much as endure a complicated affair with a couple of tricky fences, a road, a gully to deal with plus badlands in every direction. To add to the challenge, many of Old Tom Morris' holes feature tee shots where the green is totally invisible.

Tain golf breaks

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