Gleneagles – Golf in the very heart of Scotland

With three of the nation's finest courses to tackle, Gleneagles has the game we love set at its heart like a jewel. Play Gleneagles and you can tick off three of the world's best-respected and challenging courses in Scotland, a nation that boasts the trickiest, most enjoyable play in the world.

The PGA Centenary Course hosted the 2014 Ryder Cup, a battle fought on Scottish soil for the first time in more than four decades.

The Queen's Course has left many an excellent player breathless thanks to its extraordinary setting.

The King's Course features more outstanding scenery and is respected as a masterpiece of course design, one that has thoroughly tested everyone from the amateur to the most experienced professional.  

Golf history – Gleneagles golf and accommodation

In 1910 Donald Matheson, General Manager of the Caledonian Railway Company, had a vision: to create a palatial country house hotel designed to deliver golf to the travelling public. Three years later plans were afoot for a hotel plus several golf courses, but they were shelved until after the war. In 1919 The King’s Course and Queen's Course were completed, and the rest is history.

When the Gleneagles Hotel opened its ultra-smart doors in 1924, it was soon christened the Scottish Riviera in the Highlands. Some even called it the eighth wonder of the world. And the management had just one aim, to 'create happiness'.

The hotel was turned into a military hospital during World War Two, before reopening as a hotel in May 1947. Through the '50s Gleneagles took its rightful place at the top of wealthy people's social calendar, and the 1980s saw over £11 million spent on renovation and restoration.

In 1993 Jack Nicklaus designed the PGA Centenary Course and the Gleneagles triumvirate was completed, making the resort one of the world’s finest golfing venues. The course was modified again in 2012 in preparation for the 2014 Ryder Cup.

Gleneagles has been added to and improved ever since, culminating in 2014's £5 million expansion of the club's leisure facilities and 2015's addition of the Gleneagles Arena, a huge events space and indoor tennis centre.

If you're searching for a tailor-made golfing luxury, you can't do much better than magical Gleneagles. And you can rest assured, the golf is just as wonderful as the surroundings and the facilities. No wonder our Gleneagles golf breaks are so popular.

Golf packages in Gleneagles

Our 7 night Gleneagles golf packages combine St Andrews and Gleneagles, letting you enjoy all 850 acres of Gleneagles, one of the most luxurious 5-star resorts in the whole of Scotland with access to three awe-inspiring championship courses; the PGA Centenary Course, King's Course and Queen's Course, plus guaranteed tee times on the famous St Andrews Old Course. If you'd like us to tailor-make a unique package for you, we can do that based on your specific requirements, preferred courses, accommodation, number of rounds and nights.   

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