On the peeve (getting after it) in St Andrews with Davy Divot – an alternative round!


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Our round began with a pint of heavy and a ‘Cri’ Pie in The Criterion Bar (1) on South Street before having a whisky in the Central Bar (2). My next stop was The Keys (3), a local bunker, and a pint of Tartan Special. Crossing Market Street I went a bit upmarket and had a G&T in Forgan’s (4) then nipped over to South Street for a tequila slammer or two in The Rule (5). This is a student place and the tunes were banging so I made my exit and headed over the road to the bar at the Adamson (6). This is an award winning cocktail bar so I rested up with a slow comfortable screw.

Leaving the Adamson my next port of call was The St Andrews Brew Co (7) where I had a date with a Wee Blonde. From here it was off to The Vic (8) to meet Stella.

The walk from here to Greyfriars (9) is a long par 4 in to a 3-club wind. Two pints of lager and a packet of crisps later the front nine was complete. Only 2 down, I steeled myself for what was to come.

The back nine started at the Pilmour (10) for a wee vokey (vodka & coke) with a wedge of lime. The Dunvegan (11) was next where we had to wait on a group of very slow Americans. After a swift half here they waved us through and we were off to One Golf Place (12). A quick discussion with my caddie and we decided that a Canadian Club was the correct choice. Ham’s Hame (13), overlooking the Old Course, St Andrews, followed where a Mulligan’s Irish Whisky Liqueur was required. The home stretch began at the One Under (14) and the R-Bar (15), both situated in the McDonald Rusacks Hotel, where Golf Gin cocktails were the order of the day, courtesy of Eden Mill Distillery. A pint of Guinness The Jigger Inn (16) at the Old Course Hotel Golf Resort & Spa, was followed by a wee dram in the Road Hole Bar (17). As darkness fell it was decided to complete our ‘round’ the following morning. For this we headed to St Andrews Links Clubhouse (18) and a golfers’ breakfast and a Bloody Mary. As the sun shone on the New and Jubilee Courses we reflected on how well some of us faired the previous night.