Nearby Attractions Guide for Dublin


If you’re on one of our golfing breaks to Dublin, you certainly won’t want to be spending your time exclusively on the courses once you’ve read this. Dublin is a city with an appetite for fun, food and culture and with that in mind, here are a few of its delights to tempt you during your time off the fairways.

1. The majesty of St. Patrick’s Cathedral 

This impressive edifice is the largest church in Ireland, and the National Cathedral of the republic. St. Patrick himself is rumoured to have baptized converts to Christianity  well over 1500 years ago. One of the best things to do in Dublin is make a pilgrimage to this spot, not only to contemplate its beauty but as a building with serious historical interest. If Cathedrals are your thing,  St. Patrick’s isn’t the only one in Dublin. It’s actually a “two-cathedral” city, with Christ Church Cathedral well worth a visit too. 

2. The Howth market and cliff walk   

Some of the best things to do in Dublin aren’t necessarily in the city centre itself. If you love fresh air and the sea, have a day out in the coastal town of Howth. You can enjoy coastal hikes with spectacular views over the Irish sea and then try some of the area’s finest seafood before ending with a visit to the weekend markets to buy some souvenirs. It’s a short drive away, or a straightforward bus journey. 

3. Quick wits on the DoDublin bus tour  

James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, W.B Yeats and Samuel Beckett are just some of the great writers Ireland has produced. Those who operate the DoDublin Bus tour are proud to reference historical and cultural references by famous poets/writer as they delight in regaling you with a multitude of anecdotes and stories while showing off Dublin’s attractions. Normally, these city tours can be a bit lacklustre, but the DoDublin tour delivers with its quick-witted guides and their ironic humour. Sit back and enjoy the ride!

4.Wild Deer In Phoenix Park

 Phoenix Park is Europe’s largest walled urban park and is certainly regarded as a national treasure by the locals. It’s located within walking distance of the city center and is the home of Dublin Zoo. Throughout its 7 square kilometers, you’ll catch sight of its wild herd of deer as they roam through the forests. official residence of the President of Ireland, Áras an Uachtaráin. the Visitor Centre offers you the chance to see a permanent exhibition on the park’s history and wildlife This delightful and secluded spot, so close to the city centre, is certainly a top attraction in Dublin.

5.Teeling Distillery for a taste of whiskey

Guinness is famous in Ireland, but it isn’t the only tipple the country is famous for. One of the best things to do in Dublin is taste Irish whiskey. It’s been made here for well over two hundred years, so you can imagine the rich taste and history behind it. There are two ways you can taste the finest - the best-known whiskey tour in Dublin is what was the Jameson Distillery, but nowadays, that’s a museum rather than a working distillery. The alternative is to visit the operation at Teeling Distillery to see distilling in action. It really is a sensory explosion as, once you’ve done the tour, you can have a tasting of their premium whiskeys. 

6.Little Museum Of Dublin 

In among the tours and food experiences, the food and the whiskey, you might want to take a breather and learn a few facts about the city’s history. In that case, the Little Museum Of Dublin is your place. Housing more than 5,000 exhibits, you can enjoy a guided tour of the three floors to see what life in Dublin was like throughout the Twentieth Century. You could spend about one or two hours exploring the historical events of Dublin. It even has a room to showcase local rock legends like Bono. 

7.The crazy Irish sport that is hurling

If you fancy more sport after your golfing exploits, get to a game of hurling. In recent years, this unique sport has gained popularity worldwide, with comments on social media ranging from "One of the craziest sports I have ever watched!" to "How are people not killed playing this game?! Are there any rules?"  Without giving too much away, the game is rather like field hockey, but is played with a shorter stick.The rest is pure mayhem! Championship games are played in the 82,000-capacity Croke Park, the national stadium and ‘cathedral of sport’ in Dublin. An occasion there, or even at a local game is one of the best things to do in Dublin - a unique look at a sport unlike any you’ve seen before. 

8.Nights out in Dublin’s hostelries   

So, you’re also looking for things to do in Dublin at night? Going to bed early with a nice cup of cocoa isn’t an option here. If you visit Dublin without visiting some of its effervescent pubs, you’re missing out on a look into the true soul of the city. Filled with wit, laughter and enough characters to fill a James Joyce novel, these hostelries are where the city comes alive after a day’s work. There are a couple of standout locations. The Brazen Head, is rumoured (and the Dubliners like rumours!) to be where Jonathan Swift, author of ‘Gulliver’s Travels’, regularly drank, while Toner’s, a rustic, stone-floored alehouse was frequented by the poet, W.B.Yeats (despite the fact he was rather ‘sniffy’ about pubs in general). The author of ‘Dracula’, Bram Stokes, used Toner’s as his local too. Whether that’s a recommendation or not is for you to decide!