Equipment Every Golfer Should Own


There are so many items of golf equipment and golf gadgets on the market that you could easily carry golf bag onto the course stuffed with more than the average Arctic Explorer’s rucksack. But there’s certain golf equipment you shouldn’t be without. Here are eight golf essentials which are wise to have at hand for any eventuality.

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Rain gloves

It’s important that you have a good, strong grip on your club as you hit your shots. The alternative is your hand sliding up and down as you slice, shank or dribble your shots nowhere. As an essential piece of golf equipment, the best rain gloves grip better the wetter they get. What you want is a mesh which allows your skin to breath and that doesn’t absorb moisture (palms can get sweaty when you’re facing a really challenging chipped putt!). Look for something that fits snugly but which is lightweight and Flexible. 

Divot tool

It’s good etiquette to tidy up your pitch marks, because you would want those going round before you do the same. You want something which makes it easy for you to repair pitch marks (or ball marks) on the greens. All you need to do is gently stick the fork in around the indentation and slightly coax it up. One of the best is the Tour Edition 2.5 as it is regarded (rather high-soundingly) as agronomically and ergonomically efficient, as it has patented a three-pronged fork. 


A high-quality umbrella is one of the golf essentials, but it needs careful purchase. You need a robust, good-sized model to deal with unexpected rain showers and windy conditions. After all, there’s nothing worse than finishing up what should be a pleasurable experience when you’re soaked through (with a cheap, non-functioning, inside-out umbrella stuffed in your bag. If you’re out playing on the links, the winds can be harsh over treeless and unprotected  land. Good golf umbrellas are made to be wind-resistant, precisely so they don’t turn in on themselves. There are styles, colours and patterns to fit everyone’s preferences, but the bottom line is durability and quality with this item. Don’t skimp and add this to your golf items list!

Golf balls

Depending on your skill level and experience, the right kind of golf balls make a huge difference to the quality of your experience. What you’re looking for is a ball which gives focus and visibility both on the ground and in the air. You also need to check its speed and spin rate. For the average club golfer, Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls seem to rank highly in online reviews As for how many,  at least six, with a 50/50 mix between new and used, because, let’s face it, there’s bound to be natural wastage (especially on links courses), so only using brand-new balls could end up costing you a pretty penny. 

A dark towel

Why dark? The reason is a practical one. Any dirt from wiping golf balls or club heads (or your fevered brow before you settle for a birdie putt) doesn’t show as much as a light colour, or white. Golf towels are useful in lots of ways. Firstly, for keeping the club grips dry, which i9s essential for a clean shot. You can also use it to dry your hands and wiping your golf balls clean. Giving your club face a rub-down before driving could mean the difference between a good or bad shot. A good towel should be made of microfiber material and come with a clip so you can attach it to the bag for easy access.

A cap (with a peak)

If the cap fits, wear it! When the sun is beating down, you don’t want the rays bouncing off your head. After all, you don’t want to be in the middle of the round of your life and then need to be carried off the course with sunstroke. A peaked cap is a must-have, as it not only serves a purpose, but allows you to add that extra flourish to your appearance. There are colours and styles for all tastes, and it will also provide (limited) protection from the good old-fashioned British drizzle.

Sunglasses, sunscreen and insect repellent

It may seem unnecessary to point out, but the weather can change during a round of golf, especially on British courses! Make sure you have packed some everyday essentials like sunglasses (because trying to drive into the distance while squinting is putting yourself at an unfair disadvantage). Furthermore, if that shower dries up after the first hole, you need some sun cream. The British sun is notorious for catching us unawares - it may seem mild and hazy, but those rays are getting through and will cause sunburn over a few hours. You don’t want to spend half your precious golfing get-away treating sunburn (or at worst, sunstroke). Another piece of golf equipment you could pack is insect repellent. You’re not going to be attacked by marauding mosquitoes, but midges (of which there are over 35 different biting species in Scotland alone) can be a serious irritant as they swarm around your head.