Discover what others have to say about a golfing experience with The Experience St Andrews

8th October 2018


Have you ever wondered what The Experience St Andrews is truly like? While we could wax lyrical about our famous Old Course and the golfing challenges it presents, the five-star hotel alongside the fairway, or the panoramic views of the Scottish landscapes, you may find our opinion to be a little biased. With this in mind, we thought we’d hand over to a couple of recent visitors who have glowing testimonials of The Experience St Andrews and the time they had with us. Here’s what Alan and Casey had to say…

Expert team

Both Alan and Casey were quick to compliment the whole team at St Andrews, particularly when it came down to their level of expertise and attention to detail. Alan commented, “Robin, Corrine, Sam and the whole “Experience” St Andrews team were amazing in how this was put together so seamlessly.” Casey, who made the trip all the way from Los Angeles to The Experience St Andrews in Scotland, found that the insight and invaluable expertise started before his group even boarded the plane. Via e-mails and conference calls, Casey remarked how appreciative he was of our “responsiveness —across distance and time zones — to our steady stream of questions and occasional special requests.”

The amazing courses

Of course, we pride ourselves on the excellent courses provided as part of The Experience St Andrews, and it’s clear that both Alan and Casey were impressed too. Alan, who has said that this was a bucket list trip for him, enthused, “The Old Course, Carnoustie and Kingsbarns, were beyond measure.  Just amazing courses. I enjoyed the Duke’s and the Castle courses very much as well.” Casey spent 18 days on his Scotland and St Andrews golfing adventure with his group and had an “outstanding experience” which he has been telling friends, business associates, golfers and golfing professionals about since he touched back on US soil.

Attention to detail

While the golfing experience itself is the main pull for many people who visit St Andrews, it’s clear from these glowing testimonials that the devil is in the details. Casey had plenty to enthuse over about our attention to the many details of his trip, including the “hotels, tee times, restaurant reservations, and more.” On top of this, he found that his escort, Darren was an “engaging source of information and expertise” and was always on hand to provide his knowledge on things to see and do, along with places to eat on Casey’s 18-day Scottish adventure.

For Alan, it was the other group of golfers on his trip that truly added to his experience. He remarked, “We could replay the holes and courses over dinner or drinks and share our golf experiences, and everyone was interested.” He admitted this was a real treat and that the group of golfers attending were “very much part of this amazing experience.”

Final thoughts

Both Alan and Casey admitted that their time at The Experience St Andrews far exceeded their expectations from the very get-go. In fact, Alan said that while he’d seen an advert for the Ireland trip before he went to Scotland, but wasn’t sure whether he was going to go and was going to base his decision on his experience at St Andrews. He admitted that “Before the end of the first day, my decision to go was made. I can’t ever remember being able to make this kind of decision so quickly before.” Casey, who provided a picture of his group captioned “Could a photo be worth a thousand words of thanks?” also called his time at St Andrews “exceptional and memorable.”

We want to thank Alan and Casey for sharing their glowing testimonials with us, and we hope to see them again for another memorable experience at St Andrews. If you want to experience our amazing courses, our expert team, and our attention to detail, then we would love to welcome you to The Experience St Andrews.