Discover St Andrews

There is so much more to the “Auld Grey Toun” than golf.

Historic St Andrews

It has been a place of religious pilgrimage for almost a thousand years. Visitors can wander amongst the ruins of the ancient castle, cathedral and churches. The bloody history of Scotland’s journey from a time when the relics of St Andrew were said to be held here, through the Scottish Reformation and the persecution of alleged heretics & witches, to today’s calm existence can be seen on a walk around the old walls.

Taking in the myriad of pubs, restaurants, coffee shops and small locally owned stores is a wonderful way to spend a day. St Andrews can also offer walking tours, luxurious Spa experiences, a stunning beach (location for the famous “Chariots of Fire” scene) and a marvellous mix of non-golfing activities.

St Andrews Pubs

Must do’s • The Dunvegan • The Jigger • The Criterion

Real Locals • The Keys • The Whey Pat

Fun places • The Central • The Vic Cafe • No 1 Golf Place • Drouthy Neebors • The West Port